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Dirty Rice
May 2014 Blues Boogie

Eric tells it best and says, “As far as what has happened with me since I moved here I played around when I first moved
here coming to Spokane now and then and playing around here. I subbed for Fat James in his band for a couple
weeks in Alaska. Played with Sweet Talkin' Jones for a few months and subbed for Scott E. Lind a couple times in the
Charles White Band. And then Scott E. Lind and I had a band called Barfly and when Pioneer Square was hoppin' we
played every Tuesday at The Old Timers Cafe for 4 years and a short time at Larry's Greenfront on Mondays, and
then my band played at the J&M Cafe for a few years every Sunday. I was a regular downtown and always had the best
players in town in my band. On drums I had Andrew Cloutier, Pete "the Beat" Langhan, Billy Spaulding, Riky Johnson
and Chip Hart with Hank Yonda, Laurie Miller, Bill Gurdis, Don King (who played with Jr. Cadillac, Chuck Berry, Bo
Diddly etc.) and Tracy Arrington (now in Curtis Salgado's Band) on bass. After a while I stopped playing music almost
all together after 911 and went to work in the Sheet Metal Union and bought a house for my family. My wife Wendy and
I have 2 boys 6 and 18 and just had our 20th Anniversary. When the economy tanked I was laid off for a long time and
started hanging out and looking to play my guitar again and out in the jam sessions, I ran into Scotty Harris. I told him I
was going to start playing again and mentioned some bass players I used to play with I was going to call. He said "No
you're not, I am your bass player" I said ok and the rest is history. Dirty Rice was officially formed 3 months later. We
went through drummers and then hooked up with Chris in the fall of 2013. I am having more fun playing now than I ever
have with any group of players. These guys are unreal to play with and our chemistry is unbelievable. I want to share it
with everyone because it is very special to me. Now we are getting gigs in the best rooms in town having a residency at
the Highway 99 Blues Club the 3rd Wednesday of each month, The Triple Door Musiquarium a few times a year, The
Oxford Saloon in Snohomish and the list is getting bigger. Craig says he will have us in Wallace this year and we have
gotten onto a few festivals around here including Issaquah Salmon Days and Pilchuck River. We are getting started on
two more CD's to have out this summer. Busy busy!!!”
Eric continues on to say, “Scotty Harris has been in the Seattle area just a little longer than I have. We both came here
at about the same time. He came from Maine and toured all around the East coast. He is a multiple BB Award winner
and the hardest working musician I've partnered up with. He and I go back a long way because his bandmate from
Maine Andrew Cloutier (WBS BB Award winner for drums) and Scotty's wife Lissa Ramaglia on bass were the first
musicians I played with in Seattle when we moved here. He is my driving force. He inspires me to work harder and be
the best I can. His knowledge of music has been an education for me. Having someone who believes in me is what I
needed. Chris Leighton is a celebrated Seattle Veteran drummer. He has won numerous awards and is a WBS Hall of
fame member as well as the namesake for the WBS Chris Leighton BB Award for Best Drummer. He has and does play
with everyone in the NW and beyond and is always in demand. He believes in me and my music and it is amazing what
Many good things have been said about this band, and we do not have room to print them all, but here is one,
"This band is fab, fun and I've always felt welcome and part of the family when I've come to hear them. They're so
warm, friendly and funny. Dirty Rice is very talented and they play as if music is part of their clothes."
Robin K. Audio Indigo KSER 90.7 @7pm Saturdays in Snohomish County.
his way into the Spokane Blues scene. In the 90's there still
was one that thrived due to the popularity of his friends Too
Slim and the Taildraggers, DK Stewart, Yo and DeCats and
of course his own JR Boogie. JR was on top of the heap with
a seven piece horn band with a ton of energy and attitude
until he moved to Seattle looking for a bigger pond to swim in.
He continued with the name JR Boogie and forged his way
into the blues scene in Seattle.