© 2014 Inland Empire Blues Society
By Anita Royce
Photos by Carl Speer

Those of you who attended our February Blues Boogie know that our scheduled band Perfect Flavour did not play. Rick
called me a few days in advance and told me of  the passing of a close family member, and that he and Haley would
need to cancel due to funeral arrangements. He said to let everyone know how sorry he was that they could not play
and that they would love to be our Boogie band in an upcoming month.
That left me, as the organizer of this event, wondering how I would get anyone on such short notice to fill this spot. I
began by getting in touch with some performers who do singles or duos, thinking that it might be easier to find one or
two people instead of a whole band. As luck would have it, the first ones I heard back from had other obligations. I could
not just repeat a band, as we have a rule about that, thereby keeping things fresh. The thing was, the time constraints.

There is a saying that when you need them most, your friends will come through. And that is exactly what happened.
Just as I was getting ready to make some calls to my musician friends, my longtime friend Dave Green happened to stop
by the house. We had been talking about having him play a boogie, but his band, “The Side Men” is no longer together.
He has been working on a new project that he wanted to present sometime in the future. He, however, had another
great idea. For the past number of years he has been jamming and gigging some with one of Spokane’s best guitar
players, Doug Johnson. We thought it would be way cool if Doug would do it, and when Dave talked to Doug he said, “Of
course I want to play.” They rounded up a great drummer and bass player and the results were heard at our boogie.
Before I go on, though, I also wanted to say that I did hear back from Jeff Aker saying he would come play for us, but it
was after I talked to Dave. Thanks Jeff, and we will have you play for us sometime. We love your “Preacher Man”  blues.

So now on to our February Boogie. The guys started playing, and from the first note it was evident it was going to be a
great night for the blues. They also did not sound like a newly formed band, but had a smoothness that comes from
players knowing what to do. Dave kept announcing that this was Anita’s Bailout Band, and I got a kick out of that. And
yes, more musicians showed up to play and the list was long. Let’s begin with Dave Green who did a great job on lead
vocals and guitar work.  Doug Johnson was on guitar, and what a smokin’ hot bunch of riffs did he lay down. Wow! On
bass we had Keven Franklin, a wonderful bass player, and on drums was Kevin Olsonberg, who is a really groovin’
drummer. (Kevin is also a past recipient of our Empire Award back in  2005 and 2008 when he drummed for his band So
now on to our February Boogie. The guys started playing, and from the first note it was evident it was going to be a
Crosstown and together they won Best New Band.) These guys made up the core of the Bailout Band and they played
up till our meeting time.
Afterwards more musicians started showing up. Apparently these guys really had put the word out. The first two guys to
walk up and play were Seth Marshalek on alto sax and Mark Doleman on tenor sax. Seth had been in The Sidemen with
Dave, and Mark has played with The Pat Coast Band. Both are premier saxophone players in their own right, with
slightly different styles, but when I closed my eyes and listened, what can I say except that they really cooked it with fire
underneath. Then came some other players, all wonderful in their own right. Chris Blair played guitar and sang, then C.
J. Broz picked up the bass, then Doug Schumacher on guitar, then Terry “Wolfman” Baldwin on vocals and harp, along
with his cool dance he does on stage. Then Robb Boatsman entertained us with vocals and guitar, and last but not least
yours truly Anita Royce on vocals and guitar.

With all these players, the music went nonstop after the meeting, and behind it all for nearly three hours without a break
was Kevin on the drums, who never once complained as he cranked out tune after tune. He was the groove master of
the night and did it well. I would like to have written a separate bio on each player, but I have chosen to feature in this
issue Doug Johnson, who we do not see often enough.
Thanks to everyone who attended our February Boogie and to The Bailout Band which made it the great party that it
was. Thank you all listeners for your compliments to this band, and now I can not wait to hear The Bailout Band again,
whenever that is ever possible.