item is too large to go into the bag tell us about it. We will put into the bag a piece of paper to represent that item. Some
people will be going to businesses to collect donations for services that each business would provide. We need you to help
with that, but please let’s keep it coordinated, so ask us what you can do to help. That way everyone can help and no one is
overworked by being the only one getting donations. I know all of you have businesses where you normally trade, and when
you explain to them that their name will be in the blues letter that month, which has a circulation of 1,200 copies every month,
that business would willingly give us a donation, which of course is also tax deductable. If you have an item you want to donate
to the Blues Society for the brown bag, please bring it to a meeting in its own brown bag or at least conceal it so that others do
not see what it is you have brought. Please feel free to share your ideas to promote the brown bag.