Reviewed June 2002
Syl & Jimmy Johnson
Two Johnsons Are Better Than One
Evidence Records ECD 26122-2
Syl & Jimmy Johnson
photo by: Paul Natkin

2 Johnsons Are Better Than One; Uncomplicated Life; I Used To Be A Millionaire; Is It Because
I'm Black; If I Wuz White; I Feel The Pain; Oprah; Ashes In The Ashtray; Dangerous; Let Her Go;
Living The Life; I Can't Survive; Goodie Goodie Goodtime; Bottoms Up

Jimmy Johnson, and younger brother Syl have finally recorded together, and what an awesome
result! Jimmy Johnson, veteran bluesman, and Syl Johnson, veteran rhythm and bluesman. The
best of blues and hard soul for over 40 years.
Along with Jimmy on vocals, guitars, piano and organ, and Syl on vocals, guitars and
harmonica, this disc features the Syl Johnson Rhythm and Blues Band, consisting of: Will
Crosby, guitar; Anthony Space, keyboards; Frank Collier, bass; and Darrell Peyton, drums. It
takes a pretty tight unit to back up these two legendary Chicago players!
All the tunes on this release were written by the brothers either individually or together, and
that's how they've played them here. It is a superb release for the brothers, bringing out the
best of both of them. I have some fine previous releases from each of these artists, but it's great
to hear them together!
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