Reviewed April 2002
Tinsley Ellis
Hell Or High Water
Telarc Blues CD-83531
photo by: Mikel Kane

Hell or High Water; Hooked; Mystery To Me; Love Comes Knockin'; Stuck In Love; Real Bad
Way; All Rumors Are True; All I Can Do; Love Me By Phone; Feelin' No Pain; Ten Year Day; Set
Love Free

This is the tenth release by Ellis, and it seems like he worked up some good stuff for it. This is
an all original release, and features his razor sharp road band. Tinsley Ellis, lead vocals and
guitar; Kenny Kilgore, guitars; Phillip "Philzone" Skipper, bass; Scott Callison, drums; Kevin
McKendree, keys; and Donna Hopkins, background vocals.
This is the one we've been waiting for. Ellis' southern-tinged blues-rock release. His big Gibson
pyrotechnics to fat-toned slow burners, it's right here, right now.
This is a very tasty release, and would make a fine addition to your collection