Reviewed January 2002
Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers
beyond the source
Tone-Cool Records TC34047-1181-2
photo by: Don Diaz

Who Knows What's Goin' On?; Love To Spare; Twist City; Shim Sham Shimmy; Lovin' Daddy Blues; If It Is; Shakin'
Hands with the Blues; High Flyin' Baby; In A Wrong World; Easy Baby; Reece's Boogie; This Time, This Time;
Ghosting; Miss Bee-Havin'

This is 21st Century Blues. Boogie to Jump to Ballads to Shuffles.
The Mighty Flyers have received the prestigious W.C. Handy "Blues Band of the Year" twice, consecutively!;
Honey Piazza, keys, and Bill Stuve, bass, are both multiple Handy nominees; guitarist Rick Holmstrom and
drummer Steve Mugalian are about the hottest thing goin', and Rod Piazza himself has won the W.C. Handy award
for "Blues Instrumentalist - Harmonica."
So take this award winning band with a long list of great Tone-Cool releases behind them, and put them in the
studio with a plan! The result is "Beyond the Source," a cd that presents the dazzling qualities on disc that the
band displays live. Fire, intensity, and individuality. "We made this one just a little bit different" says Piazza. "We've
kind of gone into the studio in the past and had a few songs, then tried out some other things. I think that we still
had a loose attitude, but we also got a more complete feel for things on this date."