Reviewed September 2002
Phat Baby Dave & the Painkillers
Naked Heart
photo by: Marie-Dominique Verdier

Naked Heart; Haunted Love; Watermelon Soul Shake; Jump For Your Life; Bow Wow; Deep In
The Water; Diamonds From Coal; Blues In The Promise Land; Place Called Home

While Phat Baby Dave (David Lane Walsh) is not fat, they are the Painkillers! Listening to this
fun release takes away all your troubles.
Dave is hooked on the N'Awlins rhythms, and this cd is just infused with track after track of the
good time feelin' you get from hangin' in N'Awlins. I'm under a voodoo spell listenin' to
Watermelon Soul Shake!
The Painkillers consist of David Lane Walsh, guitar, vocals and keyboard; Tom Brewster on
bass; and Ken Danielson on drums. As if this tight trio doesn't put out enough good times by
themselves, an all-star line-up of helpers came on board: Billy Bancroft, percussion; Jano
Danielson & Doug Bond, background vocals; Sonny Clarke, saxophone; Chris Lynch, keyboard;
and Carl Rey, harmonica!
The Painkillers have been around for a couple of years, and they've spent all of their time
kickin' butt and fine tuning this great sound.
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