Reviewed April 2002
Little Charlie & the Nightcats
That's Big
Alligator Records, ALCD 4883
photo by: Jon Langford

Real Love; Weekend Off; Desperate Man; Livin' Good; That's Big; Bluto's Back; I'll Bet I Never
Cross Your Mind; I Know She Used To Be Your Woman; Money Must Think I'm Dead; Coastin'
Hank; It Better Get Better; Bayview Jump; Steady Rollin' Man; Go On If You're Goin'

You're probably familiar with Little Charlie & the Nightcats, but if you're not, here's another
release by Charlie Baty, the superb guitarist, and Rick Estrin, master of the harmonica and the
humorous lyrics. The addition of Frankie Randall, bass, and Joey Ventittelli, drums, had no
impact on the incredibly tight unit Little Charlie & the Nightcats consistently present to the public.
Guests like Rusty Zinn & James Harman fit like a hand in a glove, and add a new dimension to
the songs they perform on.
You can't go wrong with Little Charlie & the Nightcats!