Reviewed October 2002
Forrest McDonald
World Talent Records 42256-2
photo by: Debbie McDonald

Anchor; Work Work; Boogie Me 'Til I Drop; People I'm Hurting; Slipping Out; Southern Exposure; That's My Baby;
Who's Been Talking; Not Enough Money; Blues In The Basement; Rock This House; Texas; Traveling South

Forrest McDonald with Raymond Victor and the 3D Blues Band and introducing Andrew Black. That's the title of
this excellent live release. This is the twelfth release for McDonald, and the fourth that I have. The common
denominator in each McDonald release is superb guitar work, a tight band, and excellent tunes. What this release
does for me is make me wish I could see the band live. With the dual guitar attack that McDonald and Black
present, the top drawer keys of Raymond Victor, along with lead vocals, this band is tight, and blues is what they
Based out of Atlanta, Forrest has been a musical force on guitar for the past thirty-eight years, and is clearly at
the forefront of today's blues scene. Chicago native Raymond Victor is a monster on the keys and vocals, and
newcomer Andrew Black, guitar and vocals is a fine addition to the band. Jonathan Schwenke performs on bass
and vocals, while John McKnight holds it down on drums and vocals.
Voted Best Southern Blues Guitarist (Modern) July 2002, and Best Southern Blues Band, 1999-2001 by Real
Blues Magazine, and many other awards have been received by this tight band.
The title of their last release sums it up pretty well: Finger Lickin' Blues!
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