Reviewed October 2001
Eric Sardinas
Devil's Train
Evidence Music, Inc. ECD 26116-2
Eric Sardinas
photo by Robert Knight

Piece of Me; My Sweet Time; Texola; Aggravatin' Papa; Killin' Time Blues; My Kind of Woman;
Country Mile; Gambling Man Blues; Down To Whiskey; Devil's Train; Be Your Man; Sidewinder;
8 Goin' South

Eric Sardinas. Shirt off with his full back tattoo of "Respect Tradition", slashing his custom built
dobro, dancing through fire on the stage…. That should give you an idea of what you'll get
when you listen to the new Eric Sardinas release "Devil's Train."
He plays like he cut the same deal as Robert Johnson down at the crossroads. A bluesman
Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1970, Sardinas settled in L.A. in 1990, and played acoustic
guitar on street corners until he met bassist Paul Loranger. Two years later, they found
drummer Scott Palacios.
Like his first release on Evidence, "Treat Me Right," which had guests Hubert Sumlin and
Johnny Winter, Devil's Train has a special guest. David "Honeyboy" Edwards steps up on
"Gambling Man Blues."
"If Satan had a blues band, this would be it. Think blues, only harder, faster and meaner…
(Music Connection Magazine).
Ask Sardinas to describe his own music, and he says "I love traditional blues, but that's not what
I do. I play more aggressively; that's just the way it comes out."
This is gritty, from the gut vocals, and blazing fireball roadhouse style blues guitar.
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