We are dedicated to the music we love, the Blues, and helping other music lovers
discover and appreciate this genuine American art form. We are a non-profit
organization, recognized by the
State of Washington, the I.R.S. and the US Postal
Service. Our members, volunteers and supporting merchants, sustain us. We are based
in Spokane Washington, but we try to represent Eastern and Central Washington,
Northern Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Southern British Columbia and Western Montana. We
are proud to be a member of
The Blues Foundation.

In January of 1992, The Inland Empire Blues Society started out as a small group of
musicians and fans of good music that wanted to try to get more live Blues shows in the
Spokane area. We met a few times and shared our ideas and hopes, trying to figure out
how to pool our energies and resources. Some details took a while to iron out, and then
we really started happening in April '92, when the official paperwork was completed, and
May of 1992 when the first "Inside Blues" was printed and distributed.

Our purpose, as stated in our By-Laws reads: "The purpose of the Inland Empire Blues
Society shall be to support, preserve, and promote the blues through such social events
as concerts, festivals, and a newsletter." What we really want to do is put the word in the
street that there is some fun music to be heard, and to coax enough paying customers to
the shows to keep our local bands together and in the area. We also hope to attract
more national Blues acts to stages in the Spokane area. We hope that if we help people
to understand that the Blues is not necessarily about "having the blues," they will find joy
in this.

The Inland Empire Blues Society holds a general membership meeting at 6:30PM the
second Thursday of each month, usually at Bolo's Bar and Grill, 116 South Best Road,
Spokane Valley, (509) 891-899, although changes are listed in the monthly issue of
"Inside Blues." At the meetings, free, open to the public 21 and over, we usually offer live
music, and have a multitude of blues door prizes such as tickets to upcoming I.E.B.S.
sponsored events, cds, t-shirts, and many other blues prizes.

As a non-profit organization, we have officers and a board of directors, who, along with
our membership, steer the ship toward our goals, which are blues, blues, and more
blues! (Financial solvency would help!) Membership in the Inland Empire Blues Society is
open to anyone interested in furthering the purposes and objectives of the Society.
Persons may become members by completing a membership application and paying
annual dues, and members receive a card identifying their membership in the Society.
Please see our membership form.

In addition to a subscription to Inside Blues, the newsletter of the Inland Empire Blues
Society, your membership entitles you to some significant discounts. Several merchants
in the area give discounts to card-bearing current members. Tickets to I.E.B.S.
sponsored events usually cost less if you are a member. Membership is currently only
$20 for a year and the discounts could easily pay for it.

Some of the event highlights of our society include our popular "Wild Women of the
Blues" (Female Blues Vocalists), "Harp Attack" (harmonica showcase), "Axe Attack
(guitar showcase)," and "Empire Awards" ceremony, where we thank our local musicians
for their dedication towards the music we all love.

The Inland Empire Blues Society can be reached by calling or faxing:
509-534-8185 message box 2,  or email us at:
Inland Empire Blues Society
© 2015 Inland Empire Blues Society
PO Box 11513
Spokane Valley, Wa. 99211-1513